Acceptance of waste without bottlenecks

Roughly 650,000 tons of waste are delivered to MHKW Rothensee annually and thermally treated in the waste utilisation plant. Reliable waste management is always a matter of capacity. At MHKW Rothensee, the waste delivered is stored into bunkers, and it is used according to consistent management. "Downtimes", even during regular maintenance and review procedures, are eliminated for the most part. What's more, the waste bunkers are dimensioned to ensure plant operations even at weekends and on bank holidays.

Mr. Wojke

Christian Lux
Head of Sales and Logistics

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"The MHKW Rothensee is a co-organiser of symposiums such as the TaSiMa (Magdeburg Municipal Waste Management Conference), where experts convene to discuss 'waste as a material and energy resource' and to use the platform for knowledge transfer. Internships for students at universities and colleges ensure the contact to academia as well as the assignment of specific subjects for university thesis projects."